The Terry Law Firm, Ltd. (“TLF”) works exclusively with individuals who are interested in eliminating fraud against government through legal actions under the Federal False Claims Act or the Nevada False Claims Act.  These laws allow citizens to serve as “Relators” and proceed with “Qui Tam” lawsuits against persons or entities who have defrauded the government.  A unique provision in false claims acts allows Relators (also called Whistleblowers) to be compensated if their efforts are successful in helping the government recover fraudulently obtained government funds.

Before founding TLF in 2008, Tim Terry was a leading government attorney in the area of false claims act investigation, litigation, and settlement.  He now works full-time representing clients in this endeavor.

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“Truth is not only violated  by falsehood; it may be outraged by silence.”  

-  Henri-Frederick Amiel

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